Learning Learning

Today we were down at Lights Beach again. Oh we love it. Taffy and I had a wonderful time exploring the rocks and running on the sand. I even went into the water briefly, but this big scary thing (apparently called a wave) came and made me wet. Taffy doesn’t seem to mind them though.

What I find really strange though is that Taffy is scared of people, whereas I love them.

Taffy and Fleck. jpg

Here we are on the rocks being really brave.

Revenge will be sweet

Well what a day. Fleck and I had the indignity of being put in the dog yard while the alpacas Lucy and Nellie were allowed free roaming time. I am usually in charge and make sure they don’t eat plants they’re not supposed to.

Today Jennie and John went out and decided we should not be left with the alpacas as Fleck is still too young to be trusted.

So what did Lucy do? She ran backward and forward along the fence line to tease us. I could not believe my eyes especially as she waited until Jennie got home to do it.

You wait Lucy until we’re both out together, then we will see who is boss around here.

My patience will pay off Lucy.

My patience will pay off Lucy.

Sheep Dog Training

Jennie decided that I, Taffy might like to try to learn about dog trialling. Which is where we dogs with a certain penchant for rounding up sheep, get to compete to prove who is the best at the job. To me it seems to be the who humans are the ones who really need to learn. We know what we’re doing, if only they’d get out of our way.

This video is of me at my fourth attempt at rounding up sheep. Look at me go!

Fleck believes he can do it too, but at only three months old he’s too little.

Below is a photo from an Instagram post from Kordabup Studio which Jennie put up. If you want to see the video you can see it here https://www.instagram.com/kordabupstudio/

Taffy trials.jpg